Vaila Shoes

16 million women in the U.S go through the same problem of finding fashionable and professional shoes in their extended shoe size. For decades, women’s extended shoe sizes have been unsupported my society’s beauty standards and unconsidered within the retail footwear market. Vaila Shoes is a business lifestyle shoe marketplace for women with extended shoe sizes. We connect small shoe brands who carry extended shoe sizes to women who desire fashion flexibility. In 2021, our pre-revenue startup has raised over $8K in non-dilutive funding.

I have assembled an amazing team of advisors and I am confident that we have what it takes to make Vaila a reality. Brett Rasmussen, Founder of Kuru Shoes, is an e-commerce and supply chain expert who has over 13+ years in the footwear industry. Caroline Glackin, graduate of Wharton and entrepreneurship educator, has over 35+ years in running enterprises and teaching entrepreneurship.

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