VagioMe is a novel, personalized platform that aims to engage, equip, educate, and empower individuals of all ethnicities and genders to advocate for their vaginal health. Our solution utilizes several biological and behavioral risk factors associated with vaginal health risks and incorporates those factors into a product and knowledge base for vagina-bearing individuals. At its core, our solution is a comprehensive vaginal health risk assessment that outputs personalized recommendations to the end-user. Thus far, we have conducted 165 customer discovery interviews, where we identified a need for increased knowledge and individualized health information for vagina-bearing individuals. We also have explored potential direct competitors such as Juno Bio and Invivo Biologics. However, unlike these current competitors, we uniquely aim to take a more comprehensive, long-term approach to vaginal health.

The VagioMe team is headlined by co-founders Portia Thomas and Zerick Dunbar.
Portia is an M.D./Ph.D. candidate with expertise in clinical care in addition to an intimate understanding of utilizing large datasets to predict disease outcomes, which is vital for optimizing the risk algorithm of the diagnostic test. Zerick Dunbar is a Ph.D. candidate with a research focus in immunology, expertise needed for the comprehensive immune cell and inflammation profiles of the diagnostic test. Both Zerick and Portia have entrepreneurial experiences with courses and other businesses that will add expertise to this idea. The collective passions, entrepreneurial prowess, and research expertise of this unique team make for a powerful force for addressing vaginal health issues.

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