PaperAI generates unique, never before seen stories by blending popular fan-fiction tropes with the power of AI. We use GPT-3 to generate customizable fan-fiction for different fan communities without an author or publisher, removing the hassle and costs of finding or commissioning fan-fiction. We are targeting the 51 billion digital publishing market size and launching our MVP in March 2021, PaperAI has attracted 80 users and won grant awards and pitch competitions from the IGDA Diverse Game Developers Fund to the 10KE Entrepreneurship Grant. We currently operate under a form to allow users to integrate their descriptions, but PaperAI will have a website launch for September 2021 and a private beta of an iOS app in December 2021.

Georgiana Wright (Founder and CEO) has machine learning and research experience from companies and institutions like Apple, Google Research, Carnegie Mellon, and Penn State. She studies Computer Science at Alabama A&M University and is an undergraduate researcher in computer vision and biotechnology. Prior to PaperAI, she was the CMO and Senior Engineer at UrConvey where she raised their pre-seed of 50k.

Pareena Sumbli (Co-founder and COO) as extensive project management and leadership experience from working with nonprofits such as Plan International Canada, WE Charity, Ladies Who Code, and Enactus Canada, and is a software engineering student at Carleton University focusing on how to use tech to create sustainable solutions to pressing issues such as climate change.

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