OpenField is a community organizing tool that lets organizations build power with anyone, anywhere. Nonprofits and campaigns normally take weeks to set up their digital infrastructure and lose up to 90% of their workforce to this lag. Our A.I. enhanced software allows our users to launch in just a few hours with everything they need – enabling them to retain volunteers and get 5X more outreach done in 1/5 the time so they can launch, scale, and win. Our tools have been successfully used in several winning campaigns from the 2020 President race to the Georgia Senate Runoffs and even a Dallas School Board race.

Ari Trujillo-Wesler (she / they) is the Co-Founder and CTO of OpenField. With nearly 20 years of experience, she has been the Deputy National Data Director for the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign and has worked for Wellstone Action, the AFL-CIO, the 2008 Obama presidential campaign, NationBuilder, and the Sierra Club among others before Co-Founding OpenField. She is a non-binary, Afro-Xicana. Emily Del Beccaro (she / her) is the Co-Founder of OpenField. A veteran of several political campaigns over the last 10 years, she is a national data expert and has been a key member of the data teams at both Target Smart, the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, the 2012 Obama presidential campaign, and NationBuilder before Co-Founding OpenField.

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