Okay, girlfriend!

Okay, girlfriend! is in the concept stage as a brand. Its digital platform provides curated hair, skin, and fashion recommendations to Black women and women of color based on data provided by the consumer. Using AI and real-time feedback loops, users will receive recommendations on products that work for them, with Okay, girlfriend! serving as a liaison between consumers and brands. Users will have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription to receive expert recommendations from dermatologists and cosmetologists. In terms of the market, it is estimated that women of color are 18% of the total U.S. population, and Okay, girlfriend! is intended to serve those between the ages of 18-30.

Our team is composed of three Black women who are all graduate students in Northwestern University’s Integrated Marketing Communications program. Kyra Jackson, our CEO, received her bachelors in Mass Media Arts, Public Relations and has worked in several PR roles, helping brands foster valuable relationships with their consumers. Spenser Ford, our President, received her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations and has experience in brand marketing. Michelle Williams, our Vice President, studied Psychology in undergrad and has prior agency experience in Account Management.

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