NAL Media

NAL Media is the first mentorship network of its kind, operating as a social networking space to get feedback on projects, find mentors, and access opportunities in creative fields. Our platform combats the network gap that makes it difficult for underrepresented creatives to break into media industries and difficult for companies to source diverse talent. By connecting our growing community of 2,000+ users to mentors, we have the chance to change the face of media and entertainment—literally.

Naomi Lilly (CEO) is a graduate of Duke University with a passion for the intersections between social justice and media. Clarke Williams (Co-Founder) is a graduate of Howard University with a passion for creating dynamic opportunities for her community. Natalia Brache (Head of Socials) is a graduate of the University of North Carolina with a passion for expanding opportunities for underrepresented artists. They hold 10 combined years of experience in media, beauty, communications, and operations.

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