100% of students have a dream career. Only a fraction will actually accomplish them. For students, a lack of career guidance, the cost of support services, and burnout from trying to go it alone kills dreams.

GABA is a career development platform and community. Our proprietary algorithm matches students to peer and professional mentors, tutors, and coaches based on their desired career and learning preference.

Candice Blacknall MD, MBA is our founder and CEO is a recent graduate of medical school and business school and former consultant for students that were at risk of failing or underperforming on exams. Sergio Munoz is our CTO is veteran CTO and former founder of a machine learning product. Julia Christian is our CXO is a former senior UX designer from Amazon. The entire team shared stories of the people in their lives that helped guide their career. We couldn’t imagine being where we are without them, and we are committed to making sure students don’t have to go it alone. We also have 1 community manager, 3 developers and 2 designers on the team.

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