We utilize a mobile sensor suite to analyze key injury risk indicators to help track coaches optimize their limited time. A 3D visual representation of their athletes run is presented in a user-friendly mobile dashboard to provide them with key insights they can take action on. Our initial target are the 1,200 track and field coaches and the tens of thousands of athletes that they coach. Currently, we’ve received over $20,000 in grants and awards; we’ve also established strategic partnerships to help us with software and hardware development in the coming months.

Matheus Turra is the founder and CEO of Extruo. He has a Masters in Bioengineering; Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering; and a background in product development and prototyping. J’den Williams is an alumni of NCSU’s Division 1 Track Team and handles strategic web development and marketing. She has a Bachelors in Fashion & Textile Management; Masters in Textiles; and PhD in Textile Technology Management with a concentration in inclusive E-Commerce web designs.

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