Caire Beauty

Caire Beauty is helping women rise up and change their quality of life products as they ‘grow up,’; to defy acceptance of the one-size-fits-all skincare offered by legacy drugstore, prestige or doctor brands. Our differentiated approach focuses on women 35 – 65+ experiencing dramatically changing skin caused by hormone change and menopause; and we do this by empowering skin to build itself better from the inside where skin cells are actually BORN. Because as hormones naturally decrease over time, skin cell production in parallel declines, causing sags, bags, wrinkles, acne, loss of bounce, loss in firmness.

Our Company-owned, Lab-designed formulations uses clean and vegan Molecular Nutrition and a Plant-Inspired Delivery system to push ‘Hormone Defying’ actives beneath the dermal junction which accelerates skin cell regeneration inside, while also creating a gorgeous glow above. CaireBeauty.com launched January Direct-To-Consumer; entered its first retailer in April, has attracted strong press attention including W Magazine, Shape, Health, The Wall Street Journal and Katie Couric Media and is enjoying strong growth — Q2 revenues increased 2.5x over Q1.

Our team is small but mighty. CEO Lorrie King and CMO Celeste Lee are founders with over 40 years of combined experience in Beauty, Consumer Products and Direct to Consumer beauty who joined with 2 scientists, including the former innovation lead at J & J, Dr. Joseph Librizzi, to together create a unique skincare brand whose specific purpose – hormone caused skin aging – is fundamentally different than the vast majority of skincare globally. We are supported by an experienced direct-to-consumer team with operational, performance marketing, brand, communications and social marketing experience. In addition to our own proprietary lab, we have an in house creative studio comprising branding, photography, digital design and retail merchandising.

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