Boddle Learning

Boddle Learning is a game-based education app that engages grades K-6 students (a $2.4B US market) to practice through gameplay. The game adapts and focuses practice to where the skill gaps are for each student using a proprietary learning algorithm. The platform also provides teachers and parents with real-time actionable reports that let them know instantly, and accurately, which students need help, and on what skills. The company’s core technology also allows content providers to upload existing content into an in-game library and deliver it to students through fun and interactive gameplay. With over 350,000 registered students on the platform and 115,000 monthly active users, teachers have found Boddle to be a valuable tool for intervention and time-saving on the creation and grading of homework and tests.

Edna Martinson (Co-Founder) is passionate about growing great teams that solve real problems in education. She has deep experience in operations, marketing, and market analysis.

Clarence Tan (Co-Founder) is an expert in the games industry with over a decade of experience designing engaging interactive learning experiences for schools, government institutions, and corporations.

Asim Saeed (CTO) worked intensively in full-stack and server-side development for web platforms, web & mobile games, and scalable system architectures.

Maha Alaam (Art Director) has 9+ years of experience working on award-winning animations/feature films, video games, comics, and advertising projects.

Michelle Michalski (Education) manages Boddle’s curriculum and instructional design. She has 20+ years of experience in education

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