Created by a PhD Scientist, Trichologist and Medical Doctor Husband and Wife duo, Alodia is a science based clean hair and scalp care brand focusing on providing holistic solutions for chronic scalp conditions, hair dryness and breakage and styling options for textured hair types. We have been able to methodically and successfully build an emerging brand and establish ourselves as experts in not only hair health but scalp health. When creating our products, our priority was to treat chronic scalp conditions that disproportionally affect Black and multicultural people – both of whom are underserved demographics in the hair and scalp health space. We also offer products that moisturize and strengthen the hair strands to help with hair care styling.

My co-founder and myself have over 10 yrs. of experience in conducting clinically studies, textured hair and scalp, chemistry and medicals and science fields. We also have access to experts and advisors in the accounting, legal and supply chain space through mentorship opportunities offered by Shea Moistures New Voices Fund.

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