Samiyah Malik

Communications & Strategic Initiatives Manager

Samiyah Malik is an Artist & UX/UI Designer with a creative sophistication in digital arts and marketing. As a designer, she implements both aesthetics and copywriting to cohesively create user friendly experiences. She is currently working with Black Ambition as the Communications & Strategic Initiatives Manager to further its messaging of building a world where Black and Hispanic founders can excel uninterrupted.

With over 8 years of experience as a freelance designer, Samiyah utilizes her creative eye to enhance and develop brand design and implement digital strategy. Her background stems from a foundation in graphic design, which later evolved to web design and social media management. Samiyah is passionate about creating social impact through intentional design. Her previous work is focused on racial equity with clients including Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative, The Partnership for Southern Equity, and Our Turn.

Samiyah is a Georgia Tech alumni with a Bachelors of Science in Media and Communications. Her research is centered on race and gender, and she actively works to advance social justice through grassroots organizing. She is the founder of The Remedy, a holistic and alternative wellness practice, where she curates safe spaces for healing. Samiyah continues her community outreach through art, entrepreneurial development, and travel.

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