Samiyah Malik

Communications & Strategic Initiatives Manager

Samiyah Malik is the Communications & Strategic Initiatives Manager at Black Ambition, where she channels over a decade of experience in digital marketing and UX/UI design into empowering Black and Hispanic founders. Holding a Master’s degree in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons at The New School, Samiyah has been instrumental in crafting innovative strategies that enhance the organization’s mission and reach.

Under her leadership, Black Ambition has seen transformative growth in its digital presence, marked by the successful launch of the ‘So Ambitious Podcast’ and the So Ambitious HBCU Tour. These initiatives not only expanded Black Ambition’s audience but also deepened engagement with the community, showcasing Samiyah’s exceptional ability to merge creative marketing with impactful storytelling.

Samiyah’s approach is deeply rooted in her passion for social justice and equity. She leverages this commitment in every project, ensuring that Black Ambition’s communications and strategic initiatives resonate with and support the unique needs of the community. Her efforts have led to significant enhancements in the organization’s digital communications, from revamping the website to boosting social media platforms, where followers have grown exponentially under her guidance.

Beyond her role, Samiyah is an active participant in industry panels and workshops, often speaking on the importance of inclusivity in digital strategy and the role of design in social activism. Her work not only positions Black Ambition as a leader in innovation and community, but also as a catalyst for broader societal change.

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