Christine Joseph

Community Manager

Christine is a seasoned global community builder renowned for her ability to unite and empower diverse networks worldwide. With a wealth of experience garnered from leading community initiatives at Black Ambition and collaborating with top brands like Chanel, Heineken, and Hennessy, she has a proven track record of fostering connectivity and driving impactful events.

During her tenure, Christine orchestrated high-profile gatherings such as the So Ambitious Dinner, Women in Business Summit, and other Entrepreneur in Residence programs, while also managing operations for multiple small business organizations. Her expertise extends to online community management, where she leverages platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to amplify engagement and reach.

Christine’s commitment to entrepreneurs of color is evident in her role as the former Program Manager for the Center for Black Innovation’s Ecosystem Builders Fellowship, supported by industry leaders including Comcast NBCUniversal, and AT&T. Beyond her professional endeavors, she co-founded Walk My Shoes, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to empowering high school students in North Miami through mentorship and college preparation.

With a passion for fostering lasting change and providing opportunities for marginalized communities, Christine’s impact as a global community builder and advocate for social equity is both profound and far-reaching.

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