Knowhere is a social travel planning app that allows users to plan trips with friends, discover new activities and locations that fit their travel style, and book their trips in app. We see ourselves as a streamlined platform for travel planning that targets older Gen Z and millennials ages 18-35 predominantly. We’re currently working on our MVP and expecting to launch an early beta in about a month. So far, we have a 108 person waitlist without real promotion, 60+ beta testers in queue, and have spoken with several early stage investors.

The Knowhere team includes our 3 cofounders: Victoria Brown, Jasmin Johnson, and Nick Fausti. Victoria is a Wharton graduate and current consultant in the private equity practice at McKinsey as well as an avid traveler and trip planner. She focuses on the overall strategy and operations. Jasmin is a a current Corporate Development Manager, former investment banker (mergers and acquisitions), and former Venture Associate at Hustle Fund who focuses on long term strategy, product strategy, and finance. Nick Fausti is our technical cofounder, a University of Pennsylvania Computer Engineering Masters’ grad with extensive background in app development, NLP, and machine learning, and recently completed RemoteYear.

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