Emagine Solutions Technology

Emagine is tackling the U.S. maternal health crisis with technology to improve outcomes. Our powerful remote pregnancy monitoring platform is designed to catch issues early, so doctors have enough time to treat patients. With a patient app for moms to log their symptoms and vitals between prenatal appointments, a clinical interface for doctors to access patient trends in real time, and our proprietary FDA-cleared handheld ultrasound for providers to use during the course of prenatal appointments, we are focused on serving the 4 million pregnancies that happen in the U.S. each year with a superior level of care. We’re in private beta, with paying customers, FDA 510k clearance, a utility patent, and we’re in final consideration for a National Science Foundation grant. Join us on our mission to make pregnancy safer, elevate women’s health outcomes, and save mothers’ lives.

Our team consists of our CEO, who not only has an MBA and background in customer analytics, but is also an expert on high risk pregnancy, having given birth during the pandemic and experienced preeclampsia. Our CTO and co-founder is a medical software engineering expert who has a decade of experience working for the world’s biggest medical device companies. Our tech team have decades of medical software engineering expertise with the competition. We also have world class clinicians, medical business industry experts and HIPAA and FDA professionals on our team.

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