Prize Winners.

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Husband and wife Doctor duo revolutionizes scalp and hair care for textured hair
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We help non-technical teams create WOW level apps!
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Cocktail mixers. High flavor, low sugar, no nasties.
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Expanding the academic frontiers for millions of K-12 Spanish-speaking students worldwide
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Boddle Learning

Boddle Learning is a game-based learning platform, founded in 2018 to combat educational gaps and help improve student outcomes in elementary schools
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Caire Beauty

Let's get our skin back — we help grown up women going through hormone decline take control of skin regeneration from the inside, where skin cells are BORN!
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Dosso Beauty

Black-owned pre-stretched hypoallergenic itch-free Braiding Hair servicing the globe.
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Emagine Solutions Technology

Emagine is tackling the U.S. maternal health crisis with remote patient monitoring for pregnancy care to improve outcomes.
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We transform the way athletes train, by analyzing their body movements and explaining their data in a way that's practical and that provides them with recommendations to improve performance.
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Femigist provides women with natural feminine and menstrual care products.
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Femly is a social-impact driven startup that delivers organic period care to consumers, and stocks corporate restrooms around the country!
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Fonbnk turns any prepaid mobile SIM into a virtual debit card for the emerging world.
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GABA is a career development platform & community that matches students mentors, tutors, & coaches based on their learning preference & desired career.
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Glow by Daye

Hair Accessories made for textured hair and it's many styles in Mind FIRST that are high quality, affordable, AND convenient
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Health In Her HUE

Health In Her HUE is a digital platform connecting Black women and women of color to culturally sensitive healthcare providers, health content, and community.
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A collaborative travel planning app with the benefits of a social media platform
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Replace your paper with technology that bridges the gaps between civil construction, demolition, waste management and logistics.
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Mavity is the marketplace and collaboration tool where anyone can find and build on-demand creative teams.
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Mocktail Club

Zero-proof cocktails with all the bold flavors and complexity and without the hangover.
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NAL Media

The social network for underrepresented creatives to share work, find mentors, and connect to opportunities!
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Okay, girlfriend!

Okay, girlfriend! is a one-stop shop for hair, skin, and fashion advice that empowers Black women to look & feel their best–in a space designed for them.
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What do you get when you mix 30 years of political experience, groundbreaking A.I. and inclusive design? The best tech in the game for fulfilling the promise of democracy.
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PaperAI is an AI-powered tool that lets you create personalized fan-fiction stories based on characters from books, movies, TV shows, and games.
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QuirkChat is video social network for geek fandom that prioritizes community self moderation and fandom for all.
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Reach AI

Reach AI develops portable microscopy for disease diagnosis.
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Fast, easy and convenient virtual open houses for all
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Rofhiwa Book Café

Rofhiwa strives to capture the expansiveness of the Black imagination. We value books as repositories for collective knowledge and future-making
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Solving critical logistics issues 100lbs at a time using autonomous drones.
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Shea'd helps you direct purchases to communities and causes that you care about.
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Tanoshi is a mission-driven edtech company that's providing an equitable digital education for all kids.
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Creative talent, at your fingertips
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Redefining vaginal health: VagioMe is a platform that aims to engage, equip and educate vagina-bearing individuals to advocate for their own vaginal health.
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Vaila Shoes

Where business fashion meets extended shoe sizes
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Young Authors Publishing

We’re on a mission to empower the authors of tomorrow, using their words to change the dialogue around representation in literature.