Prize Winners

KT Winery creates gluten-free, low-sugar, and vegan consumables and 100% recycling-friendly non-consumables to further connection and conversation without the BS.
Our business, Tendaji, is where technology meets style! Our mission is to integrate the productivity of technology with the style and confidence that fashion provides. We provide fashion for young people embedded with solar powered charging to keep mobile phones charged while on the go.
We use AI technology to assist black-owned tech startups with testing their software efficiently. With limited time and resources, these startups can release high-quality products promptly by using our testing services.
“Rejuvenation is the 100% plant based energy drink that provides consumers with high energy without the negative effects of jitters or crashes. While combining fresh pressed juice that provides amazing health benefits with plant derived energy we’ll allow you tackle a healthy diet during your day to day activities.”
“Venture for T.H.E.M. (Tech High-Performers & Entrepreneurial Minorities) is a startup accelerator and social enterprise based out of Washington, DC and established to especially support Black and Latino early-stage tech startups. The structure of our program specifically includes a 4-month cohort duration, and within those four months, our Cohort Fellows receive 1-to-1 mentors, non-dilutive investments of $1,500 guaranteed (but can increase with more fund allocation), personalized monthly workshops, & various other resources.”
“Scholist app is a scholarship platform designed to help students discover, apply and keep track of scholarships. Our goal is to make the scholarship application process less daunting and more accessible for all students. We believe that every student deserves a chance to pursue their academic dreams, regardless of their financial background.”

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