Black Ambition Resource Guide

While Black Ambition is committed to providing access to capital, we’re equally as intentional about ensuring Black, HBCU, and Hispanic founders have access to as many resources as necessary to begin closing the wealth gap in America. You’re encouraged to use this Resource Guide as a toolkit at any point on your entrepreneurship journey!

What is the So Ambitious Pre-Accelerator Program?

Table of Contents

  • Fundraising and Investor Resources
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Fundraising Articles + Resources
  • Networking Events & Professional Development
    • Conferences, Summits & Events
    • National Organizations & Innovation Centers
  • The Watercooler
  • Inspirational Case Studies

Fundraising and Investor Resources

Black Ambition Tip: Make it easy for your community to introduce you to investors by creating a forwardable email. Check out Saba Karim’s Forwardable Email template to get started!

Networking Events & Professional Development

The Watercooler

Inspirational Case Studies

This is a living resource and our team will work diligently on building more resources and updating this on a quarterly basis. We’re open to suggestions! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out to info@blackambitionprize.com to see if we can add it here.

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