2023 Semifinalist Announcements

By Black Ambition Prize

Congratulations Black Ambition Semifinalists 2023!

Black Ambition is proud to unveil the cohort of Semifinalists for the 2023 Black Ambition Prize Competition. As an organization dedicated to fostering the success of Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs, we continue to create spaces where innovation thrives and the racial wealth gap is bridged.

This year, we received an overwhelming number of applications across our General and HBCU Prize tracks, showcasing the immense talent and creativity within our network. With the invaluable support of esteemed business leaders, venture capitalists, and seasoned entrepreneurs, we meticulously evaluated each submission, resulting in the identification of the top 250 semifinalists.

These visionary founders, representing a diverse range of industries such as consumer products and services, media and entertainment, healthcare, technology, and Web 3.0, have demonstrated extraordinary potential and dedication to making a lasting impact. Their ventures possess the power to transform industries, create opportunities, and shape a more equitable future.

In line with our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial growth, we are thrilled to announce Semifinalists will have the opportunity to participate in the Black Ambitionist Mentorship program, powered by Cinematica Labs. This transformative 3-month program will provide them with access to strategic relationships, tailored programming, and cutting-edge tools. By empowering these entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, we aim to accelerate their company growth, foster resilient networks, and prioritize their overall well-being. The cohort of aspiring Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs will receive invaluable guidance, support, and resources, ensuring that their ambitions are fueled and their paths to success are illuminated.

We are ecstatic to present the exceptional cohort of 2023 Black Ambition Prize Semifinalists. Each of these remarkable individuals has crafted a compelling application, displays immense promise in their venture, and remains devoted to making a profound impact within their communities. As we move forward in our mission to foster Black and Hispanic excellence, Black Ambition remains committed to amplifying underrepresented voices, breaking down barriers, and propelling the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. Join us in celebrating the talent, determination, and unwavering resilience of these Semifinalists as we pave the way for a future of prosperity and generational wealth.

Discover more about their innovative products and services by visiting their respective websites and engaging with them on social media.

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